Java Introduction

Java is a general purpose object-oriented programming language. A Java program is mostly a collection of objects talking to other objects by invoking each other's methods. Every object is of a certain type, and that type is defined by a class or an interface. Most Java programs use a collection of objects of many different types.
            Now best known as a web programming language, Java's functionality extends beyond the web with support for the development of general purpose applications in both standalone and client-server environments on a variety of hardware platforms.
            Java is largely a collection of constructs and features found in other programming languages.
            JAVA is an object oriented internet programming language. Its main features are platform independence, security.     
Uses of Java Application
Now a days java is mostly used in automated system. There are many devices where java is currently used. Some of them are as follows:
  1. Desktop Applications.
  2. Payment gateways applications.
  3. Web Applications such as, etc.
  4. Enterprise Applications such as talecomunication application, banking applications.
  5. Mobile Applications.
  6. Integrated System
  7. Smart Card.
  8. Robotics.
  9. Games etc.
What is Java Technology
The Java Technology is:
  1. A Programming Language .
  2. A Development Environment .
  3. An Application Environment.
  4. A Deployment Environment.

Primary Goals of the Java Technology
  • A language that is easy to programme because it:
    • Eliminates many pitfalls of other languages, such as pointer arithmetic and memory management that affect the robustness of the code.
    • is object-oriented to help to visualize the program in real-life terms.
  • An Interpreted environment resulting in the following benefits:
    • Speed of development.
    • Code portability


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