Java Collection Framework

Collection frame work is a set of class and interfaces which provide a unified model of managing different collection. A collection represents the implementation of data structure. A collection is a group of objects. With the help of objects can be stored, retrieved, and manipulated as elements of collections.
Java.util.*; Contains class and interfaces of the collection framework at the core of collection framework is an interface describes the common operation supported by all collection.
Core Interfaces in the Collections Framework
  1. Collection
    A basic interface that defines the normal operations that allow a collection of objects to be maintained or handled as a single unit.
  2. Set
    The Set interface extends the Collection interface to represent its mathematical namesake: a set of unique elements.
  3. SortedSet
    The SortedSet interface extends the Set interface to provide the required functionality for maintaining a set in which the elements are stored in some sorted order.
  4. List
    The List interface extends the Collection interface to maintain a sequence of elements that need not be unique.
  5. Map
    A basic interface that defines operations for maintaining mappings of keys to values.
  6. StoredMap
    Extends the Map interface for maps that maintain their mappings sorted in key order.
Concrete Classes in the Collections Framework
  1. HashSet
  2. LinkedHashSet
  3. TreeSet
  4. ArrayList
  5. Vector
  6. LinkedList
  7. HashMap
  8. Hashtable
  9. LinkedHashMap
  10. TreeMap


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